Burberry Internal and External Marketing Analysis

Burberry Internal and External Marketing Analysis

Table of Contents

  • Marketing Audit
  • (1) UK Fragrance Market & Burberry Corporation Ltd
  • (2) Internal &External Marketing Analysis
    • PEST Analysis
    • Porter’s Five Forces Model
  • (3) Benefits of Internal &External Marketing Analysis
  • (4) Challenges Faced by Burberry in Implementing the Models
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List


Marketing Audit (MA) is a critical, systematic and impartial review and performance appraisal of the entire marketing operation (Brownlie, 2000). The appraisal will include the assessment of the objectives, policies, methods, operations, assumptions and the techniques employed to implement the techniques which help in achieving the objectives (Brownlie, 2000). MA would include internal analysis of the organization like evaluation of marketing activities, policies, functional procedures, core marketing mix elements and various other factors which affect the functioning of the organization. The audit includes careful analysis of the company’s strategic business units as well as the internal procedures. MA is prognostic in nature and provides recommendations for improving the performance, process and increasing the organizational outcome of the company. It would provide formal mechanisms of the systematic examination of internal and external marketing activities of the organization. It requires the usage of various tools which includes control charts that indicate the existing marketing situation and the crisis. A MA is useful to measure the various marketing crisis and also discover the various issues which lead to the increase in the sales of the company (Kling, 2000).The objective of the study would be to understand the concept of marketing audit and its effect on business activities. The author of the study would try to understand the utility and the method of conducting marketing audit in of the UK fragrance market. MA would be conducted to understand the internal functioning of the company. The chosen fragrance company is Burberry which is an UK based luxury fashion House.

Burberry Internal and External Marketing Analysis