Communication Discussion Assignment Example

Communication Discussion Assignment Example

Discussion 1

Diffusion of Hybrid Corn in Iowa

The diffusion of hybrid corn in Iowa communities supports the understanding of change in the social and organizational systems by the channels of communication. The story of the diffusion of hybrid corn was considered a big success for Iowa State University. Bryce Ryan and Neal Gross played an active role in forming the paradigm towards classical distribution. They researched the farmers who were adopting the new hybrid seeds for their farms. In the past, people used old commonly used root, but when the hybrid seed was presented in the market, Iowa farmers adopted it. According to his research, farmers heard about the sources from different communication channels as magazines, interpersonal communication, and articles on agriculture. It describes how changes in social behavior occur that bring changes in communication and society. Bryce Ryan and Neal Gross studied two types of knowledge that a person gets by discussing local knowledge, and the second one is public knowledge. Based on their research, they presented various models of adoption. In my life, there several examples that can be given for the explanation of the concept of diffusion process such as once in the academic life, I was worried about the history subject because there were many years presented in the chapter with incidents and events and I was unable to learn all by heart. Then I read a magazine and got the new trick to learn years by relating it to the incident that I know when was happened.           

Discussion 2

Diffusion of News of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks

Modern communication channels are introduced in the present age that spread the news worldwide within a few minutes. At the same time, the change in the story is also standard. In the 50 years’ time, period news changed a lot. In the beginning, it was heard that some terrorists are involved in this attack. While after the investigation, it was said that political powers are engaged in the increasing trend of terrorism in America to get their benefits. According to the latest news, these political powers were also involved in the 9/11 attack. I heard the information on my social media contacts. As grandparents and parents, my family members received the story from the news channel telecasting the news live with detailed information about the attack. The three most important news events are news about the hurricane in 2017, the attack on the world trade center, and Obama elected as president of America. 9/11 attack impacted memory as one of the most terrible incidents I ever heard, and because of this, I still feel insecure in public places.

Communication Discussion Assignment Example

Discussion 3

Communication Channels in the Innovation-Decision Process for Tetracycline

There were different channels for communication in the innovation-decision process for tetracycline: newspapers, magazines, social media, and televisions. Each channel has its role and importance but in my view television is most important. Electronic media, as television, provide more transparent information as compared to print media. In television news, chances of ambiguity are fewer people can understand the actual situation from the videos or live transmission of television channels. In the knowledge, stage mass media was more effective, but interpersonal communication channels influence the persuasion stage. The mobile phone is an innovation of the time that was commonly in use 20 years ago. Mass media channels influenced me to join social circles using mobile phones to develop interaction, contact, and positive relationships with the world.