Fairy Tale Story Summary Analysis

Fairy Tale Story Summary Analysis

Fairy Tale Beginning

            Cinderella was living with her two stepsisters and a stepmother, who was not kind to her. She had to do all the work, and her stepsisters were very unkind. Cinderella also had life ambitions, but due to these cruel family members, she could not get her desires. One day, an invitation for the royal grand ball came at Cinderella’s house, and prince was awaiting the girls on this grand ball. Cinderella had a wish to attend this grand ball, but she knew that it was not possible without any magic to attend the grand ball, and only her stepsisters will attend the event. But still she asked her stepsisters that can I borrow a dress to participate in the event. Her stepsisters refused and asked her to stay at home as there was much work to do at home. When the grand ball arrived, Cinderella followed her stepsisters to look at the castle at least. She reached there and dreamed of entering into the court, but she knew that it was a wish, which no one could ever fulfill.

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