What is Homelessness and Who Can Apply as a Homeless Person in New York

What is Homelessness and Who Can Apply as a Homeless Person in New York


            Homelessness is the lack of a reliable place to sleep in a suburban area. Poverty, lack of adequate accommodation and inadequate health affected by mental disease or drug abuse are causing this. In coping with the high number of homeless people, New York has been at the forefront. It is mandatory for the state of New York to formulate laws to deal with the homeless. This article examines what homelessness is and who may apply to be considered a homeless person. It also analyses New York’s observational data on the homeless in 2015. Ultimately, it offers a legislative formulation that the state will employ to support the homeless or reduce the large amount of individuals who wind up being homeless.

Homelessness Literature Review

Homelessness is a very broad concept and it seems distinct to anyone who faces it (Goldman, 2009). Such negative problems ranging from chronic illnesses, financial distress, crime, unemployment, psychiatric illness, sexual victimisation, and domestic violence are both a concern and a symptom. It is a state of situations and decisions and stressful events that cause a person to be considered homeless.

Children and young people who lack a fixed, normal, and sufficient nighttime residence where they sleep are included in the legal concept of homelessness. This covers both kids living in shelters and parents living in those shelters as well. This category encompasses people staying in tents or transitional homes, motels, vehicles and campgrounds, or temporarily sharing houses with others due to lack of residency or economic hardship (Burt, 2010)

Organizations such as the Bowery Mission in NYC have encountered difficulties in providing homeless people with places, but also in delivering basic resources to them. These shelters offer an average of 260 meals a night. For all groups of individuals, NYC has shelters. There are shelters for couples of babies and teenage children. They still provide shelters for households and people who do not have children. Support USA is an agency that connects vulnerable people in NYC with shelters. It constructed its first house in Brooklyn, East New York, and transformed how people perceived the homeless. Homeless individuals in NYC have the potential to obtain help in centres accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Libal, 2015).

What is Homelessness and Who Can Apply as a Homeless Person in New York

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