How Chronic Diseases Affect Labor Force

About Chronic Diseases and How They Affect Labor Force


The theme of this paper revolves around chronic diseases and their impact on the labor force. In the first section, the paper has discussed the link between chronic disease and labor productivity. Status of health is a significant predictor of the labor force, and a growing contributor is chronic diseases to morbidity related outcomes of the labor market. One of the largest causes of bad employment performance is chronic diseases. The significant risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes are well known, such as lack of physical activity, diet, and smoking, along with a genetic predisposition to diabetes, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. In the next section, the paper has discussed the major chronic diseases that badly impact labor health and productivity. Smoking and obesity impair the employment wages, prospects, labor productivity, and, most importantly, exit from the labor force in the form of early retirement in an obvious way. Diabetes and cardiovascular heart diseases negatively impact wages and employment prospects. Labour productivity lowers due to chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Alcohol use, high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer have mixed impacts on wages and employment; moreover, this is not always connected with increased illness absence. Finally, in the last section, the paper has discussed some of the significant ways the employees can manage their chronic disease and working life balance.

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