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Retail Store Business Plan

Retail Store Business Plan

I. Introduction

A. Detailed Description

Writing the business plan about the business store, a Retail shop, and the business is the “Office Space for Rent” (OSFR). When we discuss retailing, we discuss a company that arrangements heaps of shopper products, classified into three noteworthy territories. These classes are general stock, attire, along furniture. Retailers are occupied with the offering of completed merchandise; they get the makers’ products, plus they pitch to the end clients. Retail stores can likewise be arranged into dependable merchandise as well as nonstrong merchandise. Healthy inventory is products such as hardware, PCs, embellishments, and other vast machines, and non-sturdy merchandise is significant, for example, sustenance, drinks, exceptional items, gems, garments, and shoes. The business plan is a detailed multi-page report made utilizing uncommon programming for the retail store, or it may be a page that has been ripped from a scratchpad. A motivation behind your business plan will decide how much data should be incorporated and what arrangement to utilize. Store retailers operate settled-offer areas intended to attract a high volume of stroll-in customers. When everything is said to be done, stores have broad stock shows and use general communications to draw customers. They usually pitch the stock to the overall population for individual or family use, but some also serve business and institutional clients. These include foundations, such as office supply stores, PC and programming stores, dealers of construction materials, plumbing, and electrical supply stores. All organizations require devotion, assurance, energy, adaptability, along with steadiness. Customers today have a colossal feeling of prosperity and riches. Yet, you ought to be set up for a sharp or delayed decay on Wall Street, an ascent in financing costs, or indications of an abating economy, which could make Americans control their purchasing. Most business players lease a wide assortment of hardware, not practicing on a particular sort of gear. While this makes a more significant client base for them, it lessens their capacity to offer an abnormal state of administration in favor of each kind of innovation given the specialized nature of the majority of the diverse equipment composes.

Retail Store Business Plan

II. Operation

B. Hiring and Personnel Plans

In the “Office Space for rent,” there is a need for a great employee for hire in the ” Office Space for rent ” retail store business. We hired less than 500 employees for our company for a different strategy. But Individuals’ Choice Retail Shop doesn’t expect to begin a retail professional the typical mom and pop business approximately a road corner; our goal of starting a retail business is to construct an ordinary retail channel in Morehead, KY. We will guarantee that we procure individuals capable, legit, client-driven, and are prepared to work to enable us to fabricate a prosperous business that will profit complete the partners (the proprietors, workforce, and clients). Indeed, the benefit allocation course of action will be influenced accessible to all our administration to staff. It will be founded on their execution for three years or more. In perspective, we have chosen to procure qualified as well as skilled supply to involve the accompanying arrangements

Apple Inc. Cost Evaluation Methods

Apple Inc. Cost Evaluation Methods

Problem Definition

Cost evaluation of high tech industries means that we have to consider all the methods and procedures applicable in the high tech industries to assess the cost and financial aspects. It is essential to view all the costs, expenses, and incomes in every sector, and each business that has using massive technology must be considering its financial terms at every step. So cost evaluation is an essential part of every industry. Every industry uses different methods according to its requirement and nature of working while having some similarities. Due to its diverse wildlife, industries use separate evaluations for their cost and finance transactions and effectively support its place.

Literature Review

Our discussion will present all the high tech industries and cost evaluation in detail by shoeing different assessment methods and procedures. Our panel shows how much cost evaluation is essential for industry, and its accurate calculation gives so much benefit to sectors. Every industry has a different production nature, and their different cost calculation must be measured with other techniques and procedures. In the smartphone market, Apple recorded the first quarter during 2015 and generated higher industry profits. The average cost of the iPhone product line was $603, but the trend dropped from $254 in 2014 to the minimum price during 2018 at $214. During 2011-2013, Apple’s tablet market was observed for steady growth (Kerr & Henry, 2015).


Apple Inc. is a leading company due to cost competencies as a differentiation leader and increasing its cost.  Due to the increasing globalization of industry, the product lifetime is decreeing, and Apple is moving towards the retail world after increasing sales efficiency. Apple Inc. announced an installment plan and payment plan for the 24-month time frame. The company is keeping its customers in the Apple ecosystem. The cost evaluation of Apple includes analysis of manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and company skills. The general environment and industry analysis consider strategic issues, external research, demographic segment, economic segment, political and legal segment, and socio-cultural segment (Kerr & Henry, 2015).     

First of all, we have to know about high tech industries; high tech means that all those industries that use the most modern equipment and advanced technology and methods are known as the high tech industry. High-tech manufacturing companies are showing a significant role in the evolution of society and the world. High-tech companies and industries provide and adopt new technologies that explore more and more opportunities and go one step further to delivering original and advance solutions to every problem by using these technologies. In high-tech industries, three main changes must occur in the development journey like imbibe a global outlook, fast track research, and development, and capability building and manufacturing focus to create solutions. High-tech industries are moistly moving successfully facing five different challenges: poverty, healthcare, sustainability, education, safety, and convenience. (infosys.com, 20I8)

Now we talk about cost evaluation, cost evaluation used by every organization or industry that uses financial and other resources. In simple, cost evaluation is the method of measure how the resources are going to use in the industries. Different scales or measurement units can be used in various industries by helping from comparative studies of allocated resources in the organization network. In Boarder cost-benefit analysis, cost evaluation is considered a small part of checking in a better way to utilize resources efficiently. Cost evaluation of any type and different purposes is used in the industries as it may use for the organization’s division or a single project. The analysis is helpful in various aspects within the industry and helps the organization is in many ways. Unit values figuring out are essential for revenue comparison with individual units related to company division or any specific project. Profitability and efficiency are also measured with cost evaluation and consider the benefits of the company. (Blankinship, 2017)

Data Description:

Different types of evaluation will happen in high tech industries like cost allocation, cost-effectiveness analysis, and cost-benefit analysis. First is cost allocation; it is the most straightforward and simple method used to measure the profit. In other words, measuring the accounting system and budget, cost allocation is very much important. With this, the company can collect useful information related to outcomes, and clients belong to costs. So cost allocation is the most critical element in every business, and without this, any proper financing can occur in any industry. (Marczak). The percentage of the net profit market for Apple is provided below. The brand image of Apple is for premium products (Kerr & Henry, 2015).

Sales 233.7
Net profit margin 22.9 %
ROA 20.8 %
ROE 46.3 %
P/E (ntm) 13.0
Debt/Equity 56.4


 Second is a cost-benefit; typically, companies use this approach for helping in financial decisions, especially related to the field of purchasing. Cost benefits explain the new equipment s and their financial services related to specific software or tasks, help minimize the supply cost, increase business, and improve productivity.  Also include the essential worth of all related equipment, training costs, cost of changing supply and many other related expenses. This type of financial decision gives the company a better position related to its finance and proper cost allocation system without any error or flaw. The cost-benefit analysis can be explained in the following steps: brainstorm all the costs related to projects and make a detailed list of all that costs. Then consider the benefits associated with that cost on the project and industry also. The proper monetary value must be assigned to all prices, which means that appropriate physical resources must be calculated to measure the costs, include all human resources, and measure all the related estimates that help perform and complete the project more efficiently and effectively. All monetary values are related to the benefits of projects. It is more complicated as it is not easy to measure the benefits and its effect on the industry. Then we compare all the services with the costs and check how much the industry earns the profit at the end.

 The third one is cost-effectiveness. It is more complicated and involved than cost-benefit because it includes many different methods and elements in its analysis. This method works at the border level and provides a better decision as compared to other methods. It shows a profound change in the monetary values of every industry. So this method may deliver good performance at a higher level, and senior management takes empathetic and essential decisions related to industry and gives an economic level benefit while taking a better step for the company. (Zeiger, 20I8)

The market competition is based on the features and the price of the product, and Apple is becoming able to charge for the premium product as iPhone. The increase and fall in the prices and growth are improving in the world outside the globe. The low penetration of the product can be due to the low operating industry. The active income of Apple was recorded as 92% during 2015. The unit sales of products during 2016 increased to be 247.6 million. The CAGR for the iPad revenues during 2015-2020 is expected to be 5.94%, and the total company value is estimated at 11% (Kerr & Henry, 2015).

Market Apple Others
Smartphone market share 13.9% 45.7%
Tablet vendor market share 24.5% -17.9%
PC shipment market share 7.8% 16.1%


So every method is performing in the industry for making it more profitable and beneficial in the future. And these measurements are essential to check the profitability position of the enterprise.

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Natural Disaster Action Plan Implementation

Natural Disaster Action Plan Implementation

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Data Collection
  • Model Building
  • Output Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix:

Japan Floods 2018


In this report, we would discuss the implementation plan for natural disasters. A logistic plan is needed to make for the catastrophe, such as the Japan floods in 2018. Logistics planning in an emergency state of affairs involves transmit the necessary commodities, for example, the medical materials and workers, particular rescue tools and rescue teams, food etc. all of the aid is to be distributed in the centers with affected areas as soon as possible, so that release operations are speed up. In this learning, a planning model that is to be incorporated into a logistics natural disaster Decision Support System is to be made.

Problem Statement

The main problem in this matter is to provide the suffering people with all of the necessary aid so that they can use it. It is also a problem to get the information about this kind of is on time and recognizes the potential needs of the people in that area so that the aid can be transmitted to them on time without any limitations.

  • Challenges of emergency logistics management. (, 2007). Transportation Research Part, 655–659.
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Small Businesses Questions and Answers

Small Businesses Questions and Answers

Question: 1

Increasingly Consumers Are Becoming More Demanding, Harder to Satisfy, And Less Loyal. How Will This Consumer Behavioral Change Impact Small Businesses? Do You Consider Yourself Demanding, Hard to Help, And Less Reliable? Do You Complain or Stop Patronizing A Business? What Advice Would You Offer Small Business Owners to Deal with Shifting Consumer Behavior?

In the present world, new entrants have increased competition. New businesses provide more options and variety. Companies offer unique features and attributes to the products to make the products more efficient to win the market game.  As a result of this, consumers’ expectations are increasing, increasing their demands and decreasing loyalty with a single brand. Change in consumer behavior draws new impacts and consequences on the small businesses. Increase in consumers’ needs and requirements towards the products forces companies to bring improvement in the value of their goods to remain successful in the the market. Companies try to introduce the new models and unique features to satisfy the customers and grab their attention towards their products. However, the decrease in customers’ loyalty is causing to bring changes in the small businesses world as many companies are now just paying focus on products delivery in the market rather than quality. Such companies consider their customers as customers and purchasers only not an equity. In my views, I am not a demanding consumer. However, I get satisfaction quickly when the products fulfill my requirements. I am not a loyal person for brands. I pay to focus on the quality rather than brand. Yes, I do complain whenever I find something unusual and wrong in the products. In changing consumer behavior I will suggest small businesses to pay focus on quality to sustain their places in the market. Small businesses should also research the need to understand the change in the requirements of the consumers.

Small Businesses Questions and Answers

Question: 2

Successful Small Businesses Recognize the Importance of Building Long-Term, Value-Laden, Interactive Relational Exchanges with Their Existing Customers Rather Than Concentrating on Single Transactions. Do You Have A Relationship with A Small Business? What Does This Business (Or Store) Provide You with Reasons and Opportunities to Become A Repeat Buyer? What Does This Small Business Do to Build A Long-Term, Value-Laden, Interactive Relationship with You?

Successful businesses usually focus on long-term relationship building compared to the single transaction to build customer equity. Yes, I have a relationship with a small business as the loyal customer of that business. It is a departmental store that provides me with the best quality products with the best services that are the primary reason for becoming a repeat buyer. Store managers and staff are cooperative who try to provide me with all my required products at the reasonable prices. Quality of products and prices also enforce me to visit that store whenever I need something related to fruits, vegetables, frozen meat, snacks, janitorial products and small electronics items. The store is very concerned about the progress, therefore, the main focus of the store is on customer’s satisfaction. They try to satisfy customers in all manner to build long term relationships. For the value-laden store try to improve their communication quality of staff. Staff tries to understand the need of the frequently visiting customers and try to provide the best products according to their requirements that make the customer satisfied and loyal towards the store. The store has the interactive relationship with me as they communicate with me and understand my needs that is evidence of strong interaction. However, they also offer discounts and rewards on a fixed amount of sales.

Question: 3

Can You Think of An Example When You Decided to Purchase A More Expensive Product Alternative Because You Felt It Provided Better Value? What Was the Product (Or Service)? Why Did You Pick It Rather Than the Less Expensive Option? What Was Its Perceived Value to You? Do You Think Other Consumers Would Also Smell the Same Amount?

Yes, there are several examples in my life when I preferred the product’s quality and value on the price. For instance, I chose to purchase Apple mac rather than an HP laptop even when the Apple MacBook price was more than the HP laptop. I bought the Apple MacBook because I was searching for the quality so compromised on the merits. However, I could purchase the HP laptop at cheaper rates but I did not buy an HP laptop. This decision’s primary reason was that Apple MacBook has quality, beautiful design, unique features, modern applications, robust security system, and grantee for long-term use that HP laptop was not providing. The perceived value for me was its full security system as I got the satisfaction that my research data is saved and I will not face data breaches. In my view, other consumers should also pay focus on the devices’ security systems to have a safe experience. If they have the same requirements as mine than I believe they will perceive the same value.  However, if someone is not concerned with security he/she should purchase a product according to their own needs that increase their perceived value.