Personal Reflection Essay Example

Personal Reflection Essay Example

Experience of Different Study Techniques

Study Skills Dairy 1

Studying skills refer to the strategies and approaches towards the learning process. It is important to have good study skills because having these skills increases the successful achievement of academic goals and remarkable performance at education centre. The educational experts and social scientists have devoted considerable amount of literature to assist students in acquiring these skills. I have also consulted different books, articles and web based informative portals to get hold of some useful information about study skills and techniques in order to facilitate my process of learning.

Some of the efficient research skills I learned from various tools and also applied to my learning process include taking notes, managing time, listening actively planning for revisions, preparing answers for exams, etc. I face such situations almost every day where I find the consequences of these strategies inside my study premises and apply the necessary technique to deal with the situation more effectively. For example, I have to write today to complete the weekly task of writing an essay on some subject of my own interest.

Personal Reflection Essay Example

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