Pro and Cons of Arranged Marriages

Pro and Cons of Arranged Marriages

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience about marriage on the choice of the couple

Thesis: The people should be given free choice of having their marriage on an arranged or non-arranged basis, no one should force arranged marriages.


The arranged, as well as non-arranged marriages, both are part of the society at large. In certain governments, such as the United States, citizens are free to choose their marriage, but there are countries where arranged marriages are more common and somewhat forced on couples. The example of such countries includes India, Pakistan, and Japan. Society needs to understand the concept of arranged and non-arranged marriages to see some relevant pros and cons.

Pro and Cons of Arranged Marriages


In this speech, I will be discussing arranged marriages with regards to the following aspects:

  • What Arrange Marriage is and How Different it is from Non-Arranged Marriage:

A marriage in which the couple doesn’t need their parents’ consent, instead they love and know each other before the marriage like they are aware of each other’s likes & dislikes; this marriage is called arranged marriage. On the other hand, a marriage that is arbitrarily decided by the couple’s parents or families, where their consent is not necessary, such marriage is called arranged marriage.

  • Facts of Non-Arranged Marriage:

In the United States, 50% percent of first marriages end up in a divorce. It is also alarming to see that almost 50% of couples in the United States take divorce for different reasons. Regardless of such high divorce ratios, non-arranged marriages are better than non-arranged ones, where the team has to compromise on so many things, and even they have to live a miserable life with each other, with no mutual understanding.

  • Facts of Arranged Marriages:

In such marriages, girls, even before 18, are forced to get married. Their first sexual experience is always a forced and unwanted one, which is a painful thing to hear. Almost 54% of marriages in the world are arranged, and their global divorce rate is 6.3%. In arranged marriages, the age of male members is five years more than the female. In most arranged marriages, the couple does not ask for their consent; instead, many patients are linked with forced family marriages.

  • Most Major Countries for Arranged Marriages:

Such kinds of marriages are most common in the Middle East, South Asia, and South Africa. One of the most popular countries is India, where all decisions related to arranging marriage are taken by parents or families of the respective couple. Pakistan is another country where arranged marriages are preferred and done under the laws guided by their religion. Japan is a developed nation, but still, the practice of arranged marriages prevails in their society. Israel is another country where the bride & groom are introduced to each other with families’ help, and they are allowed to know each other.

Pros of Arranged Marriages:

  • With the help and support of families, the couple’s future can be safe & brighter as they will get permission from their families through every thick and thin.
  • Both families will work together to ensure that a family affair goes well, and their arranged marriage proves to be a successful one.
  • Each other’s future is ensured by arranging the marriage, which ultimately reduces each other’s pressure.
  • The stress level in arrange marriage becomes less before certain groups of ages.
  • The divorce rate may also not be too high. There is also a chance that a couple may develop love between each other after getting along in an arranged marriage.
  • With masterminded relational unions such as arranged marriages, that pressure reduces.
  • Because they realize that they are guaranteed somebody to carry on with their existence with.
  • The life partners’ groups are profoundly associated with the way toward picking an accomplice for their relative.
  • This procedure likewise fortifies the bond between the two families and also connections inside each.
  • This implies that two families of different types and races will get along. The stress that you dislike the companion that you have picked becomes relatively less.

Cons of Arranged Marriages:

  • The arranged marriage couples don’t trust each other as both are total strangers, and lack of trust can be a big issue in completing a successful marriage.
  • Moreover, a couple cannot express their consent or feeling regarding the marriage, which means that strangers are committed to forced marriages, even when the girls’ age is lower than 18 years.
  • The couple may not develop any understanding and cannot form a healthy family afterward.
  • In the unlikely possibility that you are not going to like the person based on your likes and dislikes and the family has decided for you, there is almost no that you can do to transform it.
  • The dominant part of organized relations is the force of a family member, which implies that you cannot protest.
  • Somebody that they don’t care for or concur with.
  • You are not permitted to date or endeavor to meet any other individual since your spouse or wife has just been decided for you.
  • Numerous encounters originate from the dating scene that is lost with orchestrated relational unions.
  • Such kind of relations cant’ be maintained for the longest time.
  • The tie of unwanted relations becomes challenging to be solved, and marriage life fills with issues.


After looking at all the aspects of arranged marriages and non-arranged marriages, it can be said that both marriage styles can be considered for different kinds of societies. Still, the company has to respond differently. For instance, the arranged marriage can be useful as the couple can get support and guidance from their families. Still, the thing is that couples should be given a choice to meet each other, and they should be given some time by both families to understand each other. Like in non-arranged marriages, the couples love each other, understand each other, and then choose their own will. So, whatever the marriage type is, the teams should be given a free option to make their decisions. Nobody wants to push them to get married to someone who doesn’t like each other at all. It means that an arranged marriage with the aspects taken from non-arranged marriage should be a viable option for the global society.