J Sainsbury PLC Strategic SWOT Analysis

J Sainsbury PLC Strategic SWOT Analysis

Executive Summary

The report presents an analysis of a company titled “J Sainbury PLC”.  The intention of this study is on conservation and business conjectures, containing recommendations for the organization’s up-gradation and configuration. Actually, the report contains the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the company. The SWOT analysis counting assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and modest threats is finished to comprehend the situation of the company within its definite business place and in contrast with further corporations. This helps us to engross in a business scenario design and recommend substitute strategies ensuring a comprehensive market appraisal. Later in the document contains the endorsements for the modifications in the structure of the organization, bearing in mind the finest probable manner of handling the business collection and human possessions. An investigation is commenced with the financial assets and broad-spectrum corporation possessions as well as product expansion founded on the gaining of innovative understanding (Augustin, 2011). Consequently, the document recommends designing the impression of strategic alteration in operational administration, and scrutinizes any global plans for the firm. Precisely, this analysis offers in depth strategic SWOT analysis of the corporation’s businesses and operations. The firm’s explanation delivers a perfect and impartial opinion of the company’s key strengths and weaknesses and the prospective opportunities and threats. This will aid to express strategies that supplement the trade by allowing you to comprehend their followers, patrons and competitors better.


Sainsbury was established in 1869 and nowadays functioning in over 1,106 hypermarkets and suitability stores. The company has around 157,000 employees in all over the World. The slogan of the company is that we (the company) place our clients at the heart of the whole thing we fix and have devoted in their stores, their contemporaries and their channels to distribute the greatest likely shopping experience. Their resilient philosophy and values are the part of their uniqueness and essential to their success (Rowley, 2003).

Core values

The core values of the company are given as:

  • Accomplishment improved every day – the company emphasizes on enlightening its facilities.
  • Countless services drive sales, however, there is a condition that better provision is pointing to higher sales.
  • Discrete accountability team delivery even though teamwork is invigorated, right a distinct in the firm has accountability in the conference service standards.
  • Retain it modest, humble and well-organized services are obtainable (j–Sainsbury, 2013).
  • Admiration for the discrete employee – each discrete worker within the company is appreciated for his extravagance services. The income of the business is intended for dissemination and improvement of the corporation (Yong, James, Kevin, and Donna, 2011,).

J Sainsbury PLC Strategic SWOT Analysis


The values of the J Sainsbury are the section of their extended-term strategy of development. The company is ready to review and reinforce their strategy, in order to create a decent business sense and provision of an actual competitive benefit (Wrigley, 2000).

Business Performance

The J Sainsbury has had one more efficacious year, outdoing the flea market in what residue a hard trading atmosphere. Their segment of the grocery shop is the uppermost for an era at 16.8% and they are at the moment the UK’s second major grocer ensuing 35 uninterrupted quarters of like for like sales progress. We endure to aid customers Live Well for Less and stared like for like auctions up 1.45 for the 28 weeks up to 28 the September 2013 (Francis, 2011).

Business case 

The J Sainsbury recognizes as true as their values and their 20 x 20 sustainability obligations play an immense part in their accomplishment. They deliver opportunities for the employees to discriminate themselves with client, dealers, contemporaries and other stakeholders. The vital portion of their strategy is constructed on developing assemblies and procedures to carry out the work properly. For example, since 2007 the J Sainsbury deliberately participated in energy decrease and renewable energy schemes in their supermarkets and expediency stores. Every single year they make evident that the projects will accomplish their internal financial obstacle rate, contending with further areas of the trade for funds. Each year they drive, charge and carbon diminutions attained are dignified over and done with a project venture review. And by undertaking this procedure, the Investment Board members have soreness in the program. Ultimately and mutually income and carbon goods will be encountered. Meanwhile the 2005 /06 their savings in Energy Reduction in their hypermarket domain have conveyed an utter energy lessening of 11.1 % at the same time as mounting their space by over 30 % (McAlexander and Eric, 2008.).


It is worthwhile to evaluate the competitors of the J Sainsbury and their major competitors are the Tesco and ASDA. The profile analysis of the both competitors is given below:


Tesco is the world’s one and only leading stores which operates in fourteen (14) countries, provides work for just about 520,000 people and attending millions of patrons every single week. In the past decade the Tesco has grown up their trade to be the world’s third major grocery vendor. They are recognized as a good strength everywhere they work. Their success stories work for an outsized quantity of a group of people all the way through the country. Their collaboration with these societies prompts them per diem approximately their accountabilities as an owner, as a commercial and as a decent neighbor. Despite the fact price, cost and supplying outstanding service will all the time be significant for the 1000 of individuals who visit the Tesco stores every single day, further concerns are all the time more important too. The clients want to purchase not only the local products but as well as the international products. They would like to eat vigorous food. The clients need the Tesco to consider the neighborhood products, whereas, the requirements of the customers are being fulfilled by the Tesco (Tesco PLC, 2013). 


Ever since 1999, ASDA has been exclusively possessed by the Wal-Mart. It is the major firm and considerably the most sober employer in the Flora and Fauna. ASDA had been acquiring Wal-Mart’s strategy for certain years beforehand it comes about. The takeover has distant accomplishment, significances for British retail as other firms respond to it and discover original techniques to complete. Consequently, even though this was eventually considered as a contour of ASDA, it is incredible to engrave it deprived of frequently mentioning to Wal-Mart. On the other hand, the key focus here is on ASDA as there is previously a propagation of anti Wal-Mart in info on the internet. ASDA has been assessed for distorted publicity, by means of dealers who are recognized to have unlawful employment performs, pay no attention to develop regulations and put an end to greenbelt land, absence of severe environmental policy and deliberate green wash. It is one of the major competitors against the J Sainsbury PLC (ASDA PLC, 2013).

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

The SWOT Analysis includes the weakness, strengths, opportunities and threats of the company.

Strengths of the J Sainsbury PLC
  • The J Sainsbury PLC has an exceptionally skilled leadership group with Justin King – the Chief Executive obtains countless admiration for his effort in the Sainsbury.
  • A huge number of high caliber officers and staff members are present in this organization. The organization is based on the safe and sound relationship among the employees.
  • The brand name of the J Sainsbury is very sturdy as compared to other organizations.
  • The J Sainsbury’s has had 13 undeviating quarters of progress presenting a genuine turnaround in its business. Even for 2007 it has revealed an upsurge of 7 % in revenue and a gigantic 450 % escalation in profit afterward tax.
  • From corner to corner of the UK, the existence and popularity of the J Sainsbury is very string comparatively.
  • The Sainsbury is working on customer satisfaction as their goals and objectives; therefore the company has a solid customer base.
  • The company gives the impression to be very thriving placed on the green and environmental matters due to its various contemporary enterprises. It has an affirmative consumer brand and it’s liked by means of both green activists and patrons.
  • Universally, the J Sainsbury PLC is among the toughest competitors because they have a good reputation.
  • The J Sainsbury is one of the superstore chains that have perfect celebrity approving products, prominent to augmented sales.
  • The J. Rowly in the year 2000, writes a review for the J Sainsbury company illustrated below:

“By means of Jamie Oliver, it has been modest for Sainsbury’s to perceive uplifts in sales of precise elements that have been highlighted in ad operations. Superficially the supermarkets had to command nine tons- the correspondent of 2 year stream of nutmeg to bump into ultimatum when it gives the idea in one of Oliver’s hundred plus ads.” (Rowly, 2000) 

Weakness of J Seinsbury PLC
  • One of the most considerable weaknesses that can also become a threat in the upcoming time is the growing number of facilities being provided by their several competitors.
  • In broad-spectrum the devotion schemes presented are not executed applicably so the huge odds of the scheme keep on indeterminate.
  • The organization strategy of the J Sainsbury needs to be revised, therefore, it is required that more emphasis on organizational strategy and superior customer amenity should be provided.
  • The Sainsbury’s PLC lacks the emphasis on the elevation of inexpensive yields that’s why the Sainsbury’s should manner thorough market study to acquaint with inexpensive products than other superstores.
  • The overthrow offer by the Qataris Private impartiality firm last year can have certain insinuations as people are settling in the direction of British corporations and the vision of Sainsbury’s being oversaw by an imported firm can lead to clients substituting loyalties.
  • Contrasting Tesco’s expansion plan, the Sainsbury does not exist in flea market other than the UK. This can lead to distress particularly if there is a certain problem in food transaction in the UK or if their desires to be a foundation for further development.
Opportunities of J Sainsbury PLC
  • The unconventional business of the Sainsbury boons a countless opportunity for upcoming growth. Its reserves in the property and an objective of 40 Euro million is on the justification.
  • Higher consumer base especially in the course of Christmas and festivals
  • The J Sainsbury is by now one of the chief competitors and most important retail store in the UK.
  • Other opportunities like the chances in relations of online marketing and financial amenities are plentiful.
Threats of J Sainsbury PLC
  • One of leading threat is the competition of J Sainsbury with other competitors like Tesco and ASDA.
  • Another vital threat is the increasing prices of the J Sainsbury that is the rate of the Sainsbury’s products may be higher than the competitors.
  • The significance of constructing long term client relationships as customers may be focused away from opponents (Rafiq, 2005).

Analysis, Assessment & Recommendations – J Sainsbury PLC

This section of the document explores the emerging brand name and brand impartiality, devotion patterns, own yield and associations among dealers, patrons and sellers. We could encapsulate that Sainsbury’s business emphases on more than a few administration strategies: faithfulness patterns: constructing long term business associations with patrons and dealers; and edifice or improving brand name as a significant determining factor of auctions and achievement of the company. A contemporary news announcement on Sainsbury’s has been specified in an appendix underneath that put forward that Sainsbury’s industry and earnings as well as over-all retail sales have amplified ominously in current years. The news discharge entitlements that Sainsbury’s sales rose by 5.2 % and its market segment surpassed the leader in wholesale Tesco by means of 20 %, presenting plentiful developed sales than estimated and demonstrating the greater company presence (Jiyoung, and Jay, 2012). This demonstrates that Sainsbury’s undertaking of building Sainsbury’s great all over again give the impression to be ensuing progressively and most recent year’s Christmas sales statistics look as if to imitate the achievement of the company (Roper, and Pettit, n.d.). As before now examined the firm presentation pointers propose that Sainsbury’s has been doing very thriving and in the past year, even though its gross earnings were near to the ground, the sales records were considerable advanced than the former current years, displaying a steady signal of upcoming development and possible earnings in the approaching years. Making an allowance for the strategy of shared governance over and done with the allocation of accountability and scattering of profits to take in shareholders and depositors in the judgment creating procedure, the firm appears to be built on its character for limpidity and responsibility. By means of a robust emphasis on financial analysis consuming the thoughts of market examination, the business strategy of the firm is centered on conversation, proposal, considerations and a methodology exposed to propositions and good word for development. Some of the key features of its strategic change and organization’s attitude seem like to be constructing on patron faithfulness by familiarizing trustworthiness patterns to hold patrons. As I have talked over, for great supermarkets and market front-runners in retail, holding old customers gives the impression to be a superior importance than fascinating new ones. Bearing in mind this strategy, constructing long term associations with clients and constructing brand uniqueness and brand name are particular of its principal focus areas.  A prominence is also seen in constructing long term associations with dealers and wholesalers. Spaced out from this the firm’s undertaking and purposes being concentrated on creating Sainsbury’s great all over again would narrate to enlightening customer facility with exceptional kiosks and improving the remunerations and maintenance for clients, refining service supply and the excellence of products and facilities as well (Wrigley, 2000).

The firm’s management methodology is thus concentrated on providing enhanced worth of money and sophisticated quality products when matched with opponents. Bearing in mind the statement that Sainsbury’s look like to have expanded its trade actions to online advertising and drop distribution and financial services, the chief purpose of the company give the impression to be made widespread and wide-ranging amenities in all characteristics of life (Assesment, 2013).


After the survey and analysis of the J Sainsbury PLC, it is concluded that on having the competitive advantage, they have some weaknesses and threats too. The company should find a strong way to fight their opponents as their opponents are very strong. They can be successful by keeping their rates low as compared to the opponents. The J Sainsbury has already worked on some recommendation as given above but besides this I will recommend that for getting success in future the company should analyze its sales report monthly and annually. They should focus on the product quality much more than the quality of the other retailed stores. They should focus the customer feedback on every purchasing of the product about the services of J Sainsbury PLC. The organizational strategy is very weak so the J Sainsbury should focus the strategy. After working on all these recommendations, the J Sainsbury will be among the toppers.

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