Target People of UAE World Expo 2020

Target People of UAE World Expo 2020


             United Arab Emirates is amongst the rich countries in the world, it comprises seven states known as emirates and ruled by Emir. UAE is one of the Key countries when it comes to international affairs as it strives to cultivate and make sure its image and reputation on the world is prominent. It also strives to prove itself in terms of power in a soft and more global way, UAE has withstood criticism on the utilization of physical space in the national pavilion. UAE has been implementing the theme of cooperation and unity through its Principles and practices of branding in managing its image which it has so far achieved (Wang & Sun 2012, Hayden, 2012). This commitment that it uses has been manifested in recent decades at the World Expo so far. In order to attract both the international at large and market the attention of the global population, she has taken up the Mega events in identifying and passing details about their nations name.


               While there seems to be a slight difference between product branding and national branding, it is possible to embrace the principle of logistics with the image of the country. In the design of national pavilions, Expo branding is largely apparent in national image strategies. The usage of brand awareness in this concept to analyse the reactions of visitors at the UAE Expo applies to sensations, emotions and behavioural responses. According to Hayden (2012), observers have helped extend the ongoing debate on the growth of the UAE and its soft power ramifications from a unique point of view, especially at the United Arab Emirates Expo.

Target People of UAE World Expo 2020

Given the essence of the seven states in terms of the democratic structure and the context in which democracy is taken into account by other countries in the world, the UAE expo offers a forum for the nation to illustrate the degree to which it has moved in terms of financial strength. In addition, the Arab insurgency that affected most countries in the Arab world lead to international attention on United Arab Emirates as a region. This attention may be swept away if the country focuses to show its own image in such an international case. This can be accomplished in many respects, but most notably by the amount of tourists arriving for such an experience that provides the society and political positioning of the nations with eyesight. In the case of a well-attended and planned Expo, such a significant event will offer an unlikely chance for this rich State to carry a united all-inclusive diplomacy (Wang, 2008).

Specifically, the globe has placed the UAE at the frontline of supporting and aiding the least developing countries in the management of human rights and immigration labour.

In addition, this Expo will provide the nation with the huge and unique ability to categorically present the concept of world diplomacy in living with the times. Later on, a holistic diplomacy would finally be placed in motion, which in turn helped to establish a new age of diplomacy for the United Arab Emirates. According to Merkel (2014), World Expo is now seen as an avenue to strengthen public diplomacy and meet other countries and international organisations, it also shows that both economically and politically the host country powers, This Expo exhibition may end up helping to boost cooperation and reinforce established cooperation networks.

 What to Put in a Pavilion

The atmosphere and the culture are imitated by the architecture and material of every pavilion. A Pavilion therefore should have details on the citizens of UAE plus their roots and background as well. It should be supplemented by videos on the earlier periods of Bedouin and others focused on oil exploration, demonstrating their culture. The Pavilion’s other striking feature is the focus on personalities involved in both sports and business, such as Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who owns Manchester City, England’s major spending premier league club, and these are key and subject to a strong brand.

          United Arab Emirates which is a member of the Arab League, can use this World Expo diplomacy can accelerate the tie of friendship between it and other countries; for instance, by displaying their culture. World Expo diplomacy can improve United Arab Emirate’s collaboration with other countries in area such as economy, trade, information and technology, culture, environmental and military protection; such elevates the country to respectable heights.

         A case where people participate from other countries is a pointer to this as people from different countries attend having they high level of confidence, a pointer to good relations amongst the states of the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is a United State that is known for its culture and its rich heritage coupled with its kind heart. It has always actively participated in all the major mega expos and its significant relevance was in China’s Shangai 2011.  This is a major example of its friendliness towards creating a good cultural understanding. This too makes the host country relevant.

 Target People

As the World Expo 2020 countdown starts as the UAE, along with Brazil, Russia, Thailand and Turkey, beat the deadline for entries, it is necessary to remember that after the FIFA World Cup and Olympics, the World Expo is one of the biggest worldwide, non-commercial activities in terms of cultural and economic influence. This indicates that the UAE’s economic and political strength is among the five candidates for hosting the mega Expo event. A record 90 percent of those attending the 2010 Shanghai World Expo came from the People’s Republic of China. The pavilion should be set up in a way that articulates the language of the host city and its country, taking this into account. Vincente Gonzalez Loscertales, Secretary-General of the BIE, in his description of precisely what an Expo is, notes that it is a show that is a showcase and that its key aim is to inform the public. He also takes into consideration that the Expo has clear advantages for both the host nation and others who want to exhibit it.

          The merits vary from economic gains to a less countable one though less important roles in areas like culture and soft diplomacy. Hosting an Expo requires support both locally and internationally and the relationship between the host.Loscertales concludes by stating that Expos serves a powerful instrument of public and culture. Today Expos have been categorized into World Expos and international/Specialized Expos with the difference at the size of each of the expos and duration of the event.
            Strategic position of the United Arab Emirates makes it a link between the East and the West, the North and the South and it would be the ideal venue for the 2020 World Expo as it has its host City of Dubai to boast for this. To emphasize on this, a recent address televised globally, the US president’s address to the third annual Global Entrepreneurial Summit held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates praised the Country of seven states on its leadership and its people aim to achieve high standards of development. World economic powers like United Kingdom and France already have shown support to Dubai City as their favorite’s city. This makes United Arab Emirates in a pivotal position for hosting this Expo.

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