How to Address to Stakeholders

How to Address to Stakeholders

Strategic Vision, Strategic Intent, and Goals

The CSR vision of C.T.M is “to help customers, and the company thrive in a sustainable environment where the planet, people, and profit are in balance”. Primary goals of C.T.M are:

  • Maintain a sustainable environment
  • Help the company and the customers.
  • We are maintaining balance among planet, people, and profit.

Strategic Intent of the company is “to bring innovation and inspiration to every sportsperson in the world.”

Competitive Strategy of the Company

Following are the competitive strategies of C.T.M:

  • Product Differentiation: using the information system to separate the products and allow the new products
  • Strengthen Supplier and Customer Intimacy: to develop significant tie-up with sellers and consumers
  • Focus on the Market Niche: focus on the specialized or specific marketplaces to maintain the competitive edge.
  • Customizations and Innovation: allowing customers to customize a few products and new products with distinct features.

How to Address to Stakeholders

Finance Strategy of the Company

Following are the financial strategies of C.T.M:

  • Management Estimation: financial statement’s preparation in conformity by following the accounting principles
  • Revenues Recognition: Recognition of wholesale revenues when title passes and ownership reward and risk is passed to a customer on sale terms basis.
  • Shipping and Handling Costs: such costs are included in the sales costs and expensed as incurred.
  • Promotion and Advertisement: these costs are expensed monthly or for once, according to the channel.

Financial and Strategic Performance of the Company

  • Annual total revenues: 465,040 thousand dollars
  • Annual earnings per share (EPS): $4.09
  • Annual return on equity investment (ROE): 37.3%
  • Annual credit rating: A+
  • Year-end stock price: $48.75
  • Annual image rating: 67
  • The trend in branded footwear: 53 score
  • The trend in private-label footwear: 105 score
  • Global market share: 9,032

Main Competitors and How to Out-Compete

Following are the main competitive:

  • Hot Trends Footwear
  • Envy Shoes
  • Freaky Fast Shoes
  • Iconic Shoes

Above mentioned competitive strategies would be adopted to outcompete competitors.

Lessons Learned

Overall experience is excellent by participating in the class action. There are multiple lessons that I have learnt, such as:

  • How to work individually and manage the work pressure
  • How to maintain the financial and competitive environment of the company
  • How to implement the financial strategies to lead the business to success
  • How to implement competitive strategies to out-compete the competitors
  • How to do the financial analysis of the company